" Recollections is a streetwear brand created by parents. Each piece is inspired by their son, the love of hiphop and skate culture. Those who wear Recollections wear the freedom to express in their own way by styling themselves amongst no other."

After years of aspiring to create a brand, Brandon and Lynn made it happen.

It all started with their one and only muse, Vhon. Vhon made his debut into this world in 2015. Because Lynn became a SAHM, all she could do was swoon over the cutest clothes and the latest trends. Being based on Oahu, at the time - there weren't many stores that produced such cute, on trend clothing. The small shop industry wasn't as big and familiar as it is now in the present. It finally dawned on them. It was time to learn and open a shop.

Being self-taught, Lynn grew a passion for sewing. She started with a shop called L.Vhon back in 2015. Obstacles were encountered and she then decided to close down shop. Gaining inspiration and motivation from sources and others around her.. she was convinced enough to restart a shop in 2016. Therefore, Recollections was founded.

Started off as a modern children's clothing boutique, they found their niche and decided to go into a route that wasn't really in demand. Streetwear. Having to start off as a streetwear brand in 2018, it was a challenge. Up until today in 2020, streetwear still isn't the go to in O'ahu which is completely understandable. But -- it's more acknowledged by the younger generation and the OG sneakerheads/streetwear enthusiasts.

As a two person company, they both strive to put Recollections on the map as Hawaii's main kid's streetwear brand.